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Lessons from Corona Virus-So Small yet So Big and The Interconnectedness

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Had you ever thought that such a tiny microbe like Corona Virus could stop us in our tracks? The whole world is locked down because of this tiny virus. Fear has caused a stock market crash, coerced the masses into shopping binges and shifted dramatically our social behaviors. Corona virus may be so small, yet the impact is so vast. Even with viruses being in existence for thousands of years, this time is a unique event in human history.

There is no coincidence that this event is happening at this time. Humans have been rampaging and destroying the environment with wanton disregard. Record numbers of species are going extinct at an unprecedented pace and global warming is not unrelated. Our environment has been experiencing a crisis long before this Covid-19 crisis. Many dismiss and ignore it because it doesn’t impact their lives directly, yet. And most of us don’t care about dying insects somewhere in the Amazon. We are too busy to notice such a small phenomenon happening so far away.

But modern science says otherwise. Quantum physics has demonstrated that our physical world is made up of many forms of invisible energy. All species connected in a unified field of energy. This means even the smallest particles are interconnected to the rest of the field regardless of distance. This also means that all events, human, animal & natural are interconnected and changes in the smallest particles will shift and influence the whole.

This crisis reminds us how interconnected and how interdependent we all are with each other and our mother earth. Nature is reciprocating to illuminate what we are doing to nature. During this time-off period, we are being forced to contemplate how we have indeed contributed to this crisis. For thousands of years, many spiritual practices have been reminding us that we are not separated from one another. We are connected with everyone and everything in the universe through the invisible web of energy. Through this connection regardless of size, everything in this universe matters.

Even in our everyday lives, we tend to forget to appreciate the little things in life. For instance, often the emphasis is on big achievements (the end results) but forget to appreciate the many little steps to get there. Staying healthy is more of the same. It requires paying attention to simple things like drinking enough water, getting quality sleep, breathing well and being mindful of our world. For people with a headache, sometimes drinking more water is the answer. A small change, a couple of glasses of water, brings big impact, no headache, no more unnecessary doctor’s appointments… Can you think of a small change that might have a bigger impact in your life? After all, from birth to death, life is just one long continuum of decisions and actions. We need to be more conscious of the many incremental steps we take in our lives. A small shift in our perspective combined with collective small actions can bring vast changes into our world. After all, homo sapiens are still just a part of nature, and she demands that all of the parts get along.

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