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BodyTalk for
Business & Groups 

BodyTalk for Business is an extension of regular BodyTalk sessions, and it is a stand-alone session. Your business is much like your body. Just like the body, different components of business must work together to be a ‘healthy’ business.


The BodyTalk business sessions address the energy dynamics of different components of business:  clients, employees, products, promotion, referrals, offices, money, short-term and long-term visions, and so on… It helps to develop unified energy among the group of people and all the other components to function efficiently.


The session can help you gain clarity and insights while shifting limiting beliefs and holdbacks such as fear: fear of success, perfectionism, past entanglements, and so on. This is an excellent opportunity to learn what your business has reflected for you and (re)define why you do what you do.


Business sessions can be applied for temporary projects such as seminars, conferences, exhibitions, etc. The size of the group doesn’t matter. The sessions are just like a regular BodyTalk session, guided by innate wisdom using the neuromuscular biofeedback technique. However, you must be the business owner or a chief operator to sign up for the business sessions.


The session can be done either in person or distant session via Zoom or Skype.

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