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BodyTalk for Animals

Bodytalk for Animals aims to bring good overall balance to your animal companion’s mind/body. Based on the same principles as BodyTalk for humans, Bodytalk for Animals addresses physical, emotional, and behavioral concerns. In addition, the session helps to synchronize the animals’ internal communication system to bring a better state of balance, thus less vulnerable to disease.


Animals who live with their humans tend to be influenced by the stresses of their humans because of their tremendous bond. Dogs, especially, seem to take on the family’s unsettling energy on their behalf. So sessions for pets can be quite complex at times. It might involve their human or entire family in the session or a separate session.


When working with domesticated animals, the owner of the animals is often used as a surrogate. This works really well because of their deep connection with the animal.


The BodyTalk for Animals is only available as a distant session via Zoom or Skype. 


Disclaimer: BodyTalk for Animals sessions are intended to serve as a complementary practice to veterinarian care and not a substitute for it. 

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