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Image by Aaron Burden

Veltheim Method Lymphatic Drainage 

The lymphatic system influences everything from organ function, hormones, heart and circulatory health and emotional balance. Your lymphatic system affects every organ and cell. 


This safe and incredibly effective technique supports the lymphatic system from a very unique perspective. It is a highly effective way of moving interstitial fluid through tissues and into the lymphatic system.


Sluggish circulation of interstitial fluid can lead to an unhealthy environment around cells. Much like a stagnant pool of water, stagnant interstitial fluid fills up with cellular waste products and toxins. If these are not removed via the lymphatic system, cells will deteriorate, alter their biochemistry, become “sick” and eventually die. Therefore, it is extremely important that this system is working as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Veltheim Method of Lymphatic Drainage(VMLD) include the following:


  • Improves the functioning of the immune system

  • Assists in detoxifications (on a physical and emotional level)

  • Decreased joint pain

  • Relives sinus, cold, and allergy congestion

  • Decreased swelling

  • Regulates bowel movements

  • Weight loss

  • Increased energy

  • Reduce puffy eyes and eye bags

  • Relieves stress as the treatment is very relaxing

  • Promote healing of fractures, torn ligaments and sprains as the gentle treatment helps drain the tissue, reduce inflammation and improves healing


Amazing changes can be observed by a Lymphatic Drainage treatment. The treatment will take 50 minutes and clients have the option to remove their clothing or be fully dressed during the treatment.  Adequate draping will be done if the client chooses to remove the clothes.  This treatment can be done as a stand-alone treatment or built-in with a BodyTalk system. This is a very gentle and relaxing treatment.

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