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“I have been coming to see Dr. Jasmine for hot flashes and night sweats. I am not a person that is fond of needles, but after two treatments, I can feel the difference."

Lydia R, Dallas Texas

Diane B, Vancouver BC

For the past 5 months I have suffered with a mild acid reflux, and severe stomach pain. After I would eat a meal or drink a cup of coffee, I would be in severe pain.


Sometimes I would wake up in the middle of the night with severe stomach cramps. My doctor prescribed me pantoprazole magnesium. It did help but once the prescription was finished the pain returned. I was then sent to have a colonoscopy. The doctor could not view all of my intestines so I was sent to have a ct scan.  


Feeling frustrated I went to see Jasmine. I had one session with her. She truly has a gift , healing power. I have been pain free with no acid reflux since I have seen her.


Thank you for taking such good care me. I feel so blessed having Jasmine as my friend and my healer

Laura M, Dallas Texas

The last five years, I look in the mirror and put my fingertips on each side of my mouth and proceed to press the skin toward my ears, thinking—"Looks pretty good." My husband's response to a face-lift, "Just leave it alone."

And then I was introduced to cosmetic acupuncture. I must confess, at 64 years old, my expectations were not high. However, after just three treatments, I could see an improvement and continued improvement into my eleventh treatment. Can you believe; even my husband noticed the change and responded with, "that-a-girl!"

Jasmine is a very kind and gentle soul. She is very honest in her analysis and knowledgeable on the whole body connectivity and function.

So, just do it. You will be very pleased with the process and results."

Midori Kamimaru, Toyama Japan

It was an amazing experience to have "Body Talk" therapy with Jasmine.   Me and my son went to Dallas, Texas just a week after the devastating earthquake in Japan in March 2011. 


We've suffered from stress and anxiety for some time before we met Jasmine in Dallas.  Jasmine just slightly touched our wrists; and then she knew our mental and physical states right away.


She gave us the therapy might sound like magic; but it was true that she just tapped away our anxiety and eased our suffering. We couldn't thank her more for what she has helped us.


The therapy she practices is very helpful to the people with busy, stressful life.   We really love to have her here in Japan; but she's there to practice the magical therapy for you!!

Image by Robert Bye


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